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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
It's the civilized Northeast, bunky. They worked out this stuff long before you were born. A purveyor denied access to their water meter will shut off the service. They can even break up the pavement to get to the actual tap, if need be. That goes in every state of the union. A home without a potable water supply can and will be condemned as a municipality sees fit. A condemned dwelling can be padlocked from the outside. None of that requires any stretch of the imagination. At no time is your home ever entered, but it ceases to be your happy castle.
Ha Wet, I know this was worked out a long time ago and I would love to cost this city thousands to dig up the pavement;

If you have kids under 3 or 4 they cannot turn off the water or electric per the code. Good luck with that one.

Just saying if you live here most laws are BS. And My old high school free work for our city water dept. Not as smart as people think with know what is what.
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