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Originally Posted by irritation View Post
Instant grass that takes tons of water to take root. Should be illegal in Texas.
It really doesn't need as much water as it's usually given but like everything, it's typically overwatered. Just don't let the top 1/2 of soil that came with the sod dry to the point of cracking. I once had some sod left over from a job that I didn't need anywhere and didn't want to throw out so I spread a tarp on the back patio and laid it out (about 50 sq/ft). I hit it with the hand sprayer on the hose every afternoon for about 5 minutes and kept that grass green and healthy for 2 months in the heat of summer until I had someplace to use it. That was St Augustine, I'd bet Tx was dealing with Bermuda in his part of the state, which would need about 1/2 the water I gave my grass.
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