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Originally Posted by Think Green View Post
My fellow Arkansan's,
Does the state do your disease detection for free?
I was told by my extension agent that the cost is around 125.00 dollars.
It seems likely that the customer isn't wanting to pay this fee, however the loss to turfgrass will exceed this amount.

Your extension agent is smoking crack!

Weed ID...Free. Disease ID...Free. General Soil Sample/Analysis...Free

Here's where it gets out of hand as far as their charges...Nematode Detection/ID...$10.00. I think they have to charge you for that one because they not only detect and identify but they actually have to do a head count on the pathogen to determine severity.
I paid that fee myself one time. It was worth it to get that monkey off my back.

...Maybe your extension agent is hoping you'll pay cash.
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