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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
I understand your point.

Regardless, the way you worded your posts leads one to believe that you were speaking of the states of Ma. and Tx. not the area in which you reside.

What i don't understand is why a retired contractor would be boasting about their areas non-comformance to a health and safety issue?
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I live in both states (MA and TX) and I retired from the field for $$$ reasons. I do it on the side and that is it; not 60 Y/O to boot! I retired from THAT field but still working.

My point is that a backflow, good or bad, most times is not checked and people (aka customers) really do not care. Grass green, good to go.

Yes it COULD be a health issue (extreme but okay) but from the people in my 2 states, most city people do not even know the laws, do not talk to other depts etc. Ex, in MA I had a business operation issue (outside local laws), mayor said there are not laws about this, building dept stated it was a local police dept issue and had laws. So I called PD and they said it was a building issue.

Just saying ya, there are laws but enforcement is lacking, bigtime, in my live in states. Laws are great when people follow them.
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