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American company engineers the mower in america, sends the design to China to source it. The product is shipped to america to assemble. No different than most mowers built today, this is a common practice.

All components are same american made as any other mower, only the steel is a product of China. Thus the low price, but 7 gauge steel is seriously thick steel, not typical of Chinese steel because it was engineered by american standards. The company who makes this mower is American, not Chinese.

For the price its exceptional, at the end of the year I am probably going to buy the 52" stand on (hydro). They stand behind their product no different than Scag, Toro, Exmark, etc. 1 Year full commercial warranty, any issue's were fixed promptly with no questions asked.

I will keep posting as the year goes on my experience with this machine, so far its exceeded expectations. I felt it was time to end the rumor mill of quality with this brand with pictures and updated information from someone who actually owned the machine.
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