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So got a chance to do some slopes so here be my opinion....
It will still get away from you just like a
Pointing the front down slope and at a certain point/angle the rears will start to loose traction.(Have to bring my level next week and see at what angle it takes off). Doing side hills if you keep the front end pointed slightly up slope it sticks...just do not let the front end point down slope.
Never at any point when climbing some steep slopes does the front end ever hint at lifting (but I am only 145lbs wet)....backing down slopes either straight down or on a angle then traversing up always keeping the front pointed slightly to fully up slope is the way I will work it and it sticks like glue.

The Hydrostatic drive is frikken awesome...the more I get use to it, the more I love it ....very very precise in execution...move the levers and it responds now with no free wheelin at any point.

So next week I will figure out the angles I am working on on this one property to give a better idea

So far lovin the machine and yup love this standing thing much better than sitting

Well engineered Gravely
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