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You haven't gone over the entire machine, have you?

You need to do that, before even taking it out for the first cut.

New machines coming off the assembly line today are almost never up to specification.
Sad, but true.

You have to check them over piece by piece, every spring, every nut, every zerk...
Check and make sure everything is exactly the way it's supposed to be.

Bring your toolbox.
You will likely need it.

Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Your experience and your expectations are not on the same page...
I realize its a new mower...I've seen a bunch of new mowers that were not properly won't perform if its out of adjustment...
Check engine speed...belt tightness...and make sure the blades are RAZOR sharp...
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That's right.
Check everything else, too.
Tire PSI as one example.

Once it's all up to spec., we can talk again.
Until then there's not much sense in it, we just don't know...
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