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I've got a lot of good story's, but let me start with one of the best. In the 1980's i worked at a golf course as the irrigation tech. They had a maintenance facility with a storm drain grate in the center of the compound and a underground gasoline storage tank that leaked. The storm drain had 4 ft. concrete pipe's with 2 manhole's between the facility and the outlet that emptied into a lake. (see illustration) One day someone flicked a burning cigarette butt into the grate at the shop. There was gasoline leaking into the storm drain, that gas caught fire inside the pipe over the whole length of the storm drain. There was was fire coming out of the manhole's and the outlet. it burned for about a hour, the fire dept. came out but said there was nothing they could do but watch it burn. It looked wild. Let's hear your story's.
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