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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Gabby, lets assume you are seeing perennial ryegrass, the blue and tall fescue have probably not appeared yet. Don't give up. If you had planted more seed it would have looked better. Sometimes the seed package exaggerates the sq feet covered to induce you into buying it because it goes farther. I think ryegrass is usually planted at 6 to 8 pounds per thousand, Tall fescue about the same. Blue at 4 to 5 pounds per thousand. But if you plant too much...the rye takes over...and you have a ryegrass lawn. (This might be just fine in cool areas such as your location.)
Perhaps the seed package suggests the planting rate based on ideal conditions under irrigation, in the fall when soil temps are near the maximum.

The blue and fescue are probably still waiting for a bit more warm conditions.

Looks like your Growing Degree days are more like northern Michigan, perhaps around a hundred accumulated so far this season.
Riggle I am at my wits end with this seeding. It looks like absolute Shite. It has been 28 days since I seeded it. It has been up for 18 days, almost 3 weeks. I should be about ready to mow it after 3 week of growth. Even the stuff that is up is only an inch high. I understand I planted it when it was still too cool but it is not looking good at all. Wait and see I guess.
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