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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
That is where i am currently with my guy. I think it is a fair wage for what he brings to the table, but honestly last time i ran a ad i searched others ad's and most started right in the same ball park but some as high as $12 starting rate. Others i see running ads for crew leaders at $9 a hour. It is hard to get a true read of the market rate, especially if you come here to ls as everyone pays their guys $15 a hour with bennies....smh
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I think $10 is a good starting point. Last year during EOW my partner took care of the lawns I as I was offered a job to help do Finish Carpentry on the largest home constructed to date in Collier County 32,000 square feet. I am completely tooled up, my own van and have a decade of experience on high end finish. I could only get $15 an hour which is pitiful prior to 2006 I could get close to $30 an hour.

When I have help that's what I start them out at $10 an hour.
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