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Originally Posted by jsroda View Post
Its been raining for the past 4 days so everything is soaking wet and its supposed to rain all weekend too, so I havent had a chance to cap the sprinkler heads and look for leaks. but when I first turned the system on it literally trickled out of the first 2 heads then nothing at all on all the rest. I cleaned it and then I got maybe a foot spray pattern and the same trickle from the second head and still nothing from the rest. So somewhere the line is either blocked or leaking because there isnt enough pressure to even make the heads pop up all the way. I added a pic of what the sprinklers look like.
You are the perfect example of what i have been saying for years.

Measuring and verifying flow is too easy to do so most people will troubleshoot with a shovel.

If you don't have a meter, pull the bonnet and turn the water on.

DON'T assume leak.
DO test and verify.
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