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Originally Posted by CTD_Crazed View Post
well, after almost 3 weeks since planting....i have absolutely 0 blades of grass growing. glad i only did one spot. not sure what caused the failure, too cold of temperatures? not enough watering? to much watering? too compacted of ground? soil make-up is bad? me just being an idiot on growing grass?

kinda frustrating really, i alway thought growing grass was an easy "idiot proof" thing to doo. only thing showing green back there is a vrey few weeds.
No, growing grass isn't easy, but there are a few thing's you can do to make it easier.

1 - Plant the right grass. Midwest mix has only 45% ryegrass, you need straight ryegrass.

2 - Plant the seed at the right rate. For you that's 8 Lbs. of ryegrass seed per 1000 sq. ft. That 20 Lb. bag wasn't enough.

3 - Plant the seed properly. Ryegrass seed need's to be covered with soil lightly, barring that, cover the seed with straw.

4 - You must water the seed daily to keep the soil moist. You can't get around that.

5 - Your not going to get any germination as cold as your soil's are.
You want to see soil temperature's of 55-60* for ryegrass.

6 - Don't expect good result's from spring seeding, for you Aug 15th is prime seeding time for grass.

7 - Improve the shade problem, it will make a big difference.
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