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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
Whats your opinion on the wolfsnout? Been thinking about getting a couple for myself and employee. Do you think they will be comfortable enough to wear when the summer gets here? With the summer rains they will be less need because of dust than dryer months but still lots of pollen and clipping debris out there I would like to avoid.
Got to try my WolfSnout today. I had a couple of extra leafy crap yards to hack down for a friend. I had high lift mulching blades on and had the deck down to 2". I had the snout and my foam rimmed safety glasses on. Total comfort. No leaf taste or grit in my mouth. Nothing up my nose. I rinsed it it in the ice chest water and my face stayed nice and cool. Well worth the 21+ bucks. You do have to hand wash it. It isn't durable enough to put in the machine. Its comfortable on all sides. Feels normal on the back/top of your head. I could have easily put a hat, bandana over or under the strap. If your tired of sucking dirt I highly suggest trying one.
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