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Sean- for the limited amount of work I have been able to do with the 5K so far I love the machine. Super smooth and responsive to the operator's touch. I did a couple bogs with it and had to knock over 20+ yd loads that were being dropped every 5-10 minutes and the machine had no problem knocking the piles over. For me the 5K is the perfect size machine right now for the bog work and commercial work we are going after.

Construct'O- I only used the CTL to push the piles off the asphalt to build the ramp so that I wouldn't destroy the asphalt with the dozer's grousers. I then used the CTL as a clean up machine at the end of the project. The CTL did not bucket any material on this job. The dozer was used to move all of the material (which was sandy fill) in building that dike. It was a 300' push and I learned long ago the power of slot dozing to move material.

The flumes were ordered for me before the project began. I installed the flume before I started backfilling over it. Since the pipe was not long enough to go through the double wide dike, I had to narrow the dike by the flume which is why you see a hole in the dike. The original plan for the dike was to have it only be 10' wide at the top, but the owner wanted me to lose this big pile of fill he had onsite in building the dike so we ended up doubling the width of the dike and had to adjust the grading around the flume to accommodate the change in dike design.
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