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Walk Behinds-Exmark Metro/Any Brand

I am new to walk behind deal. Strange I know, but I have only used ZTR's and push mowers. I recently picked one up (exmark metro) and now I feel like a trader! I have only ran Scag equipment and LOVE them. I have a 2012 52'' Tiger Cat with a 24hp Kawasaki currently, but found a steal on craigslist. I wanted one for many backyard gates where my 52'' couldn't fit, steep hills, between flower beds and mulch rings, rainy days, etc. I picked up a 36'' Exmark Metro with new gator blades and a 15hp Kohler Command pro(Cv15t).

The guy said his friend left it as he moved out of state and didn't want to carry it. He is unsure of the problems and just wants it off his property. He was asking $125 for the condition. I offered less of course and he took it. I will post pics later when I am done with them project. It appears everything is good on the engine internally, but the lower crank seal is leaking. The motor is torn apart not and missing the starter recoil and the air cleaner. It is also missing the wheel drive belts, some decals and the front caster wheels have severe dry rot signs. I have priced everything and found the best deals on all of the items. I have the motor off and I am going to take a wire wheel to all the rusted areas (pulleys) and paint them a nice black. I will strip the paint from the mower (too much to touch up) and repaint it the as close to the red as possible. After that I will put new decals where they belong and sharpen the blades. I will change the spark plug, oil, oil filter, and air filter as well. A buddy gave me an engine (same Kohler 15hp) he took off his Scag 48'' that he no longer needed so that I can have this in the rotation while overhauling the other.

Any advice, comments, questions, concerns, experience, etc. is fully welcome. I picked the mower up for $50 and may have to put $150 in it tops. Please any information you have or advice/tips on running a belt driven walk behind is awesome. Maybe a homemade striping kit or how this mower cuts and performs. I will continue to research and learn the machine, but in the mean time I h will be working on my "project." I have thought about fixing her up and selling it for a 36'' Scag on craigslist just because I feel like a trader, but time will tell. Maybe I will like this a lot after all the work that I won't want to sell it.

Thanks guys. Have a great night and thank you for putting up with the babbling.
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