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Am I in the wrong here?

Heres my issue. I have an employee, "Joe" that started working with me June of last season. He was then a junior in highschool and it was a summer gig. I started him at $9.25 for basic labor. Trimming, mulcing, edging, etc. He has never operated a zero turn as I have another guy that does that as he has been for a long time. I valued his work ethic and toward the middle of the season I gave him a raise to $11.00. At the end of the season for leaf cleanups I raised him to $12.50 per hour. Now I think this is huge for him as a highschool kid and really it is his first job. Now this season is here and he has been working a few hours here and there after school at the same rate of $12.50 per hour.

He sent me a text yesterday saying he and his parents were talking and they wanted to discuss his pay before the season got into full swing. Saying things like he knows how much money I am bringing in, which he doesn't and what I am paying out is not fair because I get the majority ofthe money. He said that if it were comission, I would be getting over 80$% of the money on the jobs and thats not fair. I laughed and said I own the company and pay all the expenses. He makes it sound as if he wants it to be a partnership or something. He claims the amont of work he does for the money is not fair as he has friends that work for other companies make $15 per hour and all they do is ride a mower. I told him to take any other opportunity he may have because I am not paying a kid that is a laborer that much. He is going to college in the fall anyway. Oh ya I only gave him a job to help him out as his grandparents are the presidents of a condo asociation I do. They said in the beginning, if it does not work out get rid of him as he needs to learn work lessons as it is his first job. I am torn. I honesly do not think he is worth what I pay him now and he wants more. What to do?
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