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My first year doing irrigation my boss, myself and another tech were installing some 8 and 10 gpm heads on a steep bank.The day was going well we were actually able to pull some 1.5 and 1.25 pipe with the 255..I think it was a week long project or something and on the last day my boss had a few to many beers for breakfast.. He was real cocky with the machine and was moving it pretty fast on a pretty steep hill.. As he is moving the machine across the hill with his body on the high side of the hill, he drove over a very small rock with his steering tire on the upper side of the machine/hill. Well he forgot to lock down the plow, gravity pushed the plow to the lower side of the hill and with the rock slightly pushing the machine off balance It started to roll...It kept rolling about 30 more times until it hit the bottom of the hill..bobcat and a chain got it upright and she started right up minus about half its hydraulic fluid..

My boss proceeded to tie a real good one on after that..

another time I had a real yeller of a boss and he was yelling at me after we broke down with busted flat on the side of a highway..none of it was anyone's fault just bad luck..Well he didn't have a jack or a spare which was totally my fault..Next thing he is yelling top of his lungs at me a few feet away and just stops..I hear a real loud fart.. and the guy just frowns and says nothing...He sh!t himself then had to wipe his @$$ with his own company's sweat shirt..

that was awsome..
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