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Originally Posted by ksss View Post
The design is just bizarre. I looked them over at ConExpo. Surprising: One that this is the best that Terex could do? Two that Tak thought that branding this was a good idea.
I think that Takeuchi will find it to be difficult to really sell these. There are just too many little things wrong with the Terex machines and maybe Takeuchi thought that Terex had better brand reputation than they actually do.

Our walleye season opened up this weekend and I fished over south of GB with a buddy I used to sell Bobcat with. He found out that the large Terex skids have an upper and a lower fuel tank but the sender is in the lower tank so you think you have a full tank even if the upper tank is almost empty. I'd like to ask the engineer what he was thinking when he came up with that idea. :hammerhead
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