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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Just because they retail for what dollar amount doesn't mean yours is worth that.
If you were to try and sell it, you would get nowhere retail for it.
Not even close, and that's if it's in good, running condition.
And you need to calculate your labor, too.
Plus transport costs, I am sure by now you're up to between $50 and $70.
Buy that carburetor, add another $15 PLUS shipping AND about another hour labor.
You're fast closing in on $100.

Nothing in this world is free.

But it is a Honda, and that HRR is a nice mower that sold new for $400.
If only because of that, I'll side with you and say you probably did win.
Oh, I know. I know it isn't worth that much. I don't plan on selling any of the 3 atm either. Labor cost isn't anything either as I'm just doing it when I'm I'm learning. Been quite awhile since I've worked on any small engine, so it's more fun for me than work. Thanks.
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