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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Once it germinates, it will spend time developing a root rather than a green top... how warm is the soil 6" deep? or 4" or even 2"??

Once the soil is warm and the roots have done as much as they might expect for their initial appearance, then a good soaking rain event will cause the tops to grow... normal as normal can be... I've seen it happen for many many years now...

The worst thing to be done is to hit it with N and cause root growth at the surface... these are LIVING things not painted objects needing a second coat...
I put down Scott's starter fertilizer when I put the seed down so it did get a dose of N. Not sure on soil temp at those depths as I do not have a thermometer to stick in the ground. It has been so effing dry here. No rain for a week. I have been watering daily but it is getting discouraging.
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