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Need Help Removing a Tranny Belt from My 36" Lesco Walk Behind

I have an early 90's lesco 36" commercial walk behind and love it. Seems hard for me to find parts and a manual, however, i guess that is for another thread. I noticed at the end of last season my power going up hills was going. This year i can't go up any inclines what so ever. My idler pulley is adjusted all the way over as tight as i can make the belt with no success. When in neutral the pulleys spin like crazy when i put it in gear the pulleys just stop spinning now. I removed the tranny pulley and it looks really warped, so i ordered what i hope is one of those. I figured i will change the belt as well while i am down there and can't figure out how to remove the drive pulley so i can take the tranny belt off. I removed the two visible bolts from the drive pulley (double decker) and i will not budge, tried to pry and i stopped and figured i better ask for help. Any removing this belt would be great, also anyone that knows where i can get a manual for a early 90's lesco i would owe you big.
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