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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
yep We had 2 LCO go out and Since drought was so bad last year There tons of lawns are died
I did one New Lawn on 5-30-13 and people would stop by ask to look at there lawn In this one neighbor hood 5 new Seeding jobs
I know one of the LCO they had 75 Resi. Lawns So far I pick up 10 of his customers and 3 of the other LCO customers I target the big Lawns

Rain today so I work on my hobby I build stuff from antlers. So I had run to the Shop in town and the answer machine had 8 new messages.
4 of them are lawn repair 1 was mowing 1 was hardscape 2 was wanting to know when Im going treat there lawn
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