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Originally Posted by Gabby View Post
I put down Scott's starter fertilizer when I put the seed down so it did get a dose of N. Not sure on soil temp at those depths as I do not have a thermometer to stick in the ground. It has been so effing dry here. No rain for a week. I have been watering daily but it is getting discouraging.
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Last couple of days, been so cold here at night, turf is looking almost like it does in winter, slightly yellowish color, growing slow. Minimal germination of spring seeded area. Not sure where you are in NY, but everything is slow here in DC/MD, patience is all. You don't want to add N unless your soil tests come back deficient, but some starter fert put down a month ago would not worry me at this juncture that's the least of our problems. Also, I would do minimal watering until the seed starts to germinate. It's plenty moist from the dew etc at this point. A week without rain at this time of year is nothin'. One thing though, hard to tell from photos, but that soil, did you break up the surface a little bit before you seeded? It looks like it got some thatch blocking soil/seed contact

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