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Originally Posted by msperanzo View Post
, I noticed at the end of last season my power going up hills was going. This year i can't go up any inclines what so ever. My idler pulley is adjusted all the way over as tight as i can make the belt with no success. When in neutral the pulleys spin like crazy when i put it in gear the pulleys just stop spinning now. I removed the tranny pulley and it looks really warped, so i ordered what i hope is one of those. I figured i will change the belt as well while i am down there and can't figure out how to remove the drive pulley so i can take the tranny belt off. I removed the two visible bolts from the drive pulley (double decker) and i will not budge, tried to pry and i stopped and figured i better ask for help. Any removing this belt would be great, also anyone that knows where i can get a manual for a early 90's lesco i would owe you big.
Well, 1 st off, unless you have a different set up that I haven't seen, you should not have to take any pulley off to change the trans belt.

Take the engine to deck belt off the engine pulley, you will have to loosen the 2 belt guides, with the adjustable idler pulley loose and all the way over, just slid the Trans belt off the trans pulley.

Replacing the trans belt may be just part of your problem.

If the two pulleys on the end of the jackshafts,( I'll assume you are running a Peerless 5 speed trans) that drive the wheels are worn out, even a new double belt will rider up on the center rib. If the inside of the pulleys are shiny and worn down, replace them.

If they are not worn down, then a simple adjustment of the linkage
might fix the drive problem.

Let me know what you find. As far as a parts book, just go to your JD/Lesco dealer and ask him to print one out for you. I have not been able to find one online.....
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