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I only charged 35 per hour plus materials reimbursement because its a co worker of mine, so he is getting a deal. I figured I was on the cheaper side of things, but I just have this feeling that he is going to balk when he sees the bill. Total job cost is just over 500 bucks so far, and we still have another afternoons work to finish the walkway border, and finish the border along the front of house along with laying another 15 bags of mulch.

So total bags is around 45. Id have to do some research to see how many yards of mulch that is.

Typically the charges for mulch that I see people post on here don't include prep work though, only laying down the mulch.

Thanks for the quotes that yall are providing though. I know some are hesitant to list prices, and I appreciate the fact that yall posted those. I know my bid was on the cheap, but being a cowoker, I didn't mind helping him out.
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