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Originally Posted by AnotherOkie View Post
The 275 gallon pallet totes with the valve at the bottom work great to store it in. They can usually be found pretty cheap on craigslist. I also rigged up a little 50 gallon skid with about 25 ft of hose and a old 12 volt pump. I use it for a nurse tank for the liquid 32-0-0. I also use it to spray my fruit frees with water soluble fert.
Does your supplier deliver the liquid fert and pump it into the totes or do you put the totes on a trailer or truck and go get yourself?
It seems the totes (275gal) around here sell for $85-125 on CL. I would rather have one large 1500 gal tank ($800 at tractor supply) but then i would have to have a containment dike. I believe a 500 gallon stationary tank is the cutoff.
Like i said, still doing homework on this. I know of one supplier but his warehouse is 80 miles away.
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