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Originally Posted by crazyson2001 View Post
I am in exactly the same boat as you are. My 21" Toro just can't handle the long thick grass, and I just don't have time to be cutting every 3 days.

I went into a commercial lawn mower shop and they recommended the Timemaster. I kept trying to tell the guy my 21" mower with a 5hp doesn't have enough umph, how will a 30" with a 6hp be any better?
I can't quite find the specs to back this up or help on it, but most 21" mowers have the blade connected directly to the crankshaft which means the blade RPM is directly dependant on the engine RPM which most range from 2900-3300RPM. With the 30" TimeMaster being a two blade belt driven deck, the RPM of the blades themselves could be much faster depending on the drive pulley setup of the deck, thereby providing a much different result in the cut in taller grass.
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