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Originally Posted by PLS-Tx View Post
I would not spend the $ on the blower, get a BR 600 instead.
I wouldn't compare the blower against a backpack. There's no comparison there.
But the Kombi blower with a 110 head is easily more powerful than any handheld blower (and is supposed to be even better with a 130). It's just fine for dusting clippings off of a sidewalk, or other things you'd use a handheld blower for, when you don't want to drag out the backpack.

I have one that I let my wife use. Her long hair just wouldn't be safe with my backpack blower. She really likes that it can reach pretty far out, so it is good for cleaning out flower beds. Again, better than any handheld.
Yeah, it is heavier, but with the strap on your shoulder, you don't notice the weight.
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