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@ Kiril: According the the EPA (chart below), home and lawn combined account for only about 9% of total pesticide/herbicide use, vs. 80% by AG. AG in the USA is excessively dependent on the chemical industry, and has become that in large part because it has been too lightly regulated by EPA and the other parts of the government. They are among the most powerful lobbies in the USA, and if you think there is even a chance that they are adequately regulated by the US government or its designated agencies, you need to spend a day or two on the floor of the Senate seeing how the legislative sausage gets made in Washington DC, as I have over many years. It ain't pretty. Again, I am not saying the LC industry should not be part of the solution, but when you have a problem, you don't go after the fleas, you go for the 800 lb gorilla, which in this case is Big AG. This has not been done very adequately IMO.
And yes, on the Seattle paper, I found its tone biased, pretentious and authoritarian -- who are they to tell my customers what kind of lawn they should like. That's up to the individual.
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