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yep, its a common bemuda lawn and we are in west texas. I mow with a rotary mower, and realize that a reel mower would be better, but I haven't gotten to that point yet. I aerated because it hasn't been done in years, and the ground is hard. By aerating, it allowed me to get the compaction knocked down a little, and the soil was used as a top dressing to help with seed to soil contact along with leveling the low spots. I hope to get a few pictures and post them soon. With two years of bad drought, the lawn was getting thinner and thinner, and it was time to thicken it back up. Idid fertilize three times last year with the appropriate amounts, but we werent able to water as much as it needed last year due to he restrictions.

I will be watering as much as possible from now through june, but here in west texas, if we don't get any rain, we will be on water restrictions again. Hopefully this seed will take and get established this year if we can get the rainfall. We need it BAD.

I don't know how well the saraha will blend with the original Bermuda, but it should match up fairly closely. Ill be happy to have a weed free, non patchy lawn that is at least somewhat green. Everything is turning brown here, you just cant imagine what only 2 inches of rainfall in 4 months can do. Dry DRY sucks. My lawn cutting is suffering too.

I have in the past cut the lawn around 1 inch, and when it starts to hit the 100 degree plus mark, cut a bit higher through summer.

I would like to purchase a reel mower this year for our small yard, and was looking on craigslist a bit last night actually. we will see.
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