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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I have too much work to do so let's waste money and materials on frozen ground with the added BONUS of polluting lakes, rivers and streams...

CG doesn't germinate in Decent grass anyways,,, so all thousands of lawns continue to be sub-standard year after year???

LCOs need to EDUCATE clients about the wise use of Pre-M,,, by first learning the wise use of it themselves...
All depends what the Soil temperature is at. In Illinois we have a law that eliminates the spreading of fert on frozen soil. Soon as the soil temp hit 33 it's free game in Illinois. Companies will get out as soon as they can to start making money. Trugreen does not use pre-m on their first application. It's the second of 8 application in Illinois that gets the Pre-m.

Education of your clients is key to a successful turf program. However, results speak louder.
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