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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
I bundle in core aeration into my 4 and 5 step programs no questions asked. Tight MN clay soil - you have to aerate.

As for SiFi fert - I will be interested in hearing how you sell a season only being on a lawn one or two times per season. A customer is not going to pay double the price around here, simply because you use a high price fert, regardless of how that fert works.
Yes Iím with you on bundling aeration on the 4-5 AP clients.

I will be testing the Si-Fi products on a few lawns and on my own. I have been told you need to get the lawn up and running with a faster release product in the Spring then use it mid season. I still canít see how this product will provide the optimal Fall Sept-Nov 65%-75% Nitrogen dose....?
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