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Just an update to all..

Discovered we are working with high pressure on a 1.5/2'' pvc and poly main. Pinch clamps would not quiet the poly couples we installed and some fittings have a slight drip..On these 18 garden zones we have a slight leak on multiple poly fittings. All fittings were triple clamped and still just a slight leak every 10 seconds but enough to fill up a valve box that sits right on a clay subsurface.

We/ I decided to put a MV for the time being just to quiet the leaks. Now the issue is how can 2 clocks be able to use 1 MV up stream from the 18 valves. After talking to Jim and GM they suggested I use an ice cube relay or a RIB relay.

Next question is does anyone have any brands they prefer over anything else? I have never done this before and am looking for any input that can help.. the clocks are 2 hunter pro -c's about 14 inches apart..

Thanks for all the help GM/JIM..
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