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Alot of guys aren't gonna like to hear this, but an ezt transmission has the same expected lifespan as the 3100's. Where you break down the tranny faster is over working it in one cycle. If you split your big yards up, or your mowing, you will greatly expand your life cycle. On the 3100's on a $5000 or $6000 mower, you are not really getting double your lifespan until you cough up for 3400's or better, usually $6000 plus. Dont get me wrong, i try to beg guys into the 3100's in this situation, but I have lots that overuse the ext's seeing no issues before 400 hours or around 6 years.... I have sold nearly 30 of the little raptors, and so far so good. I have one guy that has over 30 commercial accounts he mows a week on one, I tried to beg him into a X-one or something like that, but thats all he could afford. So far only 3 trips in the shop, and all minor fixes. Hit your nuts on the deck brackets every once in a while as his backed off, also he broke the big bolt on the front of deck I would call the adjustment bolt (might be a good part to keep in the truck along with a spindle maybe..). So far no belts broke or spindles yet, but have them on the shelf just in case... Don't know how Hustler would like it, but he was getting build up real quick on the deck so he actually cut the extra piece across the chute opening. He said he hasn't had any build up issue after that, but he mows alot of different grasses on it.
Congrats on new mower! I think the little welded deck is a market changer, hopefully the stamped deck industry will take a huge hit from it...

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