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I had a customer call me for an estimate a few weeks ago. I came over, after looking at the yard on google maps, peaked in the back yard and gave him a fair estimate. He hired me right then. As im gearing up to take care of him he pops his head out the front door and says "oh yeah! watch out for the dog poop. I have 3 dogs and they leave alot back there". I was actually caught off guard and instead of saying wait a minute, i went ahead and said OK. i figured i have already looked at the yard and given my bid. i cant back out on it now.

The original agreement was for 2 cuts until his equipment could get fixed. Today I finished the second cut. Not only did I have to push mow the back yard because his fence doesn't open up for large mowers, but I had to stop half way and scrape the dog poop mixed with grass clipping off the bottom of my deck because it got soo clogged it was not side discharging any longer. At the end of it, i scraped the crap off the bottom, and left the pile in his back yard. I washed my whole mower off to include the wheels and left the slurry on the side of the house. I took my blower and blew the big pile across the yard to thin it out but if he calls me for a 3rd im going to renegotiate the agreement.

Im not above walking a yard with a shovel and a 5 gallon bucking with trashbag, but damn it im not going to stretch my hourly pay thin because i have to stop and clean the deck every so often. Ive learned to ask this question pertaining to dog poop prior to agreeing on a price for services. IF its not agreed that it will be picked up, or ill be paid to get it up properly, i guess they will be calling the guy that does $15 cuts! im sure he will be happy to step in dog mess every 3'.
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