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Originally Posted by GrassGuerilla View Post
The Mrs. best friend got divorced recently. I cut her grass once last season. Nice older home on about 2 acres. I knew she was having a tough time, so I said i'd do it for $25. Her son was going to trim. So I think I'm done, and she comes out to point at a big field connected and says "we cut that too". Another 2.5 acres knee high like hers was. Not wanting to cause any issue or upset her, I just smile and nod. Still had plenty of daylight. She's planning to get a mower and have her son do it next year (this season).

Fast forward to last weds. She asked the Mrs, "see if GG can cut my grass soon"? Next afternoon it starts raining, and rains for three days. Last night I told the Mrs her friend is "on for tomorrow". Her place is not exactly near my route, so I drove about 20 miles to get there. To see another LCO about half done cutting the knee high grass...REALLY?

Now for my favorite part. On the way home, I was trying to find a bright spot in this shitty deal. I thought... I wonder how much Brand X got for this job? So I ask the mrs. to find out. Can you believe she got mad that I would ask her to confront her friend? "Just let it go". Oh my god, I was seeing stars.
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