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Originally Posted by Gabby View Post
We went from seed germination to the battle of compost vs. straw. Cool. Back to seed germination..... Today is day 32. We are finally getting some rain here. I am just going to let nature take over now. What ever happens happens. Looks like shite like the rest of the lawn but oh well. Live and learn. God I wish there was actually a lawn service that knew lawns in my area.
These last few days have been pretty good for me in DC in terms of germination -- good moisture/sprinkles but not heavy downpours, scattered sunshine, cool days but not frigid at night like last two weeks. It looks like where you are has been in somewhat the same weather pattern. The midnight KBG I planted 3 weeks ago has suddenly popped over the last 3 days and nights. Hopefully, you will start seeing that too with your grass, if you have not already.
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