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Thanks Dana. I had an episode years ago like that, as well. Not to put a dark cloud on this thread, but I was at a job late in the afternoon with a elderly woman client. I had knocked off and she wanted to take a walk to see the sunset from a view point on her property. The neighbor (idiot) had been working on his c.s. fence, which I had not paid too much attention to. We got to the viewpoint, she leaned against the fence and it collapsed, crashing her to the ground. I freaked out and got her on her feet and back to the house where I called 911. The F.D.came and took her away. In talking to the EMTs, he told me I'd screwed-up by moving her, should have made her comfortable and not moved her. She was transferred to a hospital in Seattle with neck injuries, survived, I went over to visit with her, I felt so stupid. Bottom line: don't move injured people!
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