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Originally Posted by kawakx125 View Post
i've pretty well come to the conclusion that all fuel mileage bets are off when towing.
good thing im not buying the truck for towing, but it is nice to know that it can tow over 10,000lbs in a pinch. it will be used for mostly just driving, i was thinking about a 2013 tdi jetta 6speed manual fully loaded, which even combined with car payment and added cost of the extra insurance would still end up saving me money, but a car can't tow my trailer if my current f350 which is my only vehicle happens to break down, im pretty pro active and not afraid to do heavy preventative maintenance to keep it from having a major break down and so far i've been good. but only driving my 96 f350 with almost 280,000 miles is a little less then comfortable.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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