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Oil & Filter Change Interval

My Kawasaki FX921V, FX1000V Owner's Manual states first 8-hr oil change (Jim noted it was changed at 5-hrs), thereafter at 100-hr & oil filter at 200-hr intervals, with no diamond (notating more frequent intervals) for dusty conditions on the oil or oil filter change intervals. It does have the diamond by the daily air inlet screen cleaning interval, 100-hr clean dust and dirt from the cylinder head and fins, 100-hr check and clean oil cooler fins, 250-hr replace air cleaner primary element, 250-hr check air cleaner secondary element, and 500-hr replace air cleaner secondary element.

Is the above correct? I hate to change things early if it is not needed, but it seems more prudent to change the oil filter every oil change. Does Hustler defer to the Kawaski manual, or have their own guidance on this issue? And what about end of summer? Should oil be changed for winter storage as is recommended with most engines regardless of hours since the last oil change? I heard that used oil develops acids that is bad for stored engines.

Thanks. //Craig
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