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How I learned to respect the automatic transmission.
Automatic transmissions can cost thousands to rebuild.
We know little about them, those who do know about them can easily take us to the cleaners.
They can charge us fifteen hundred for a rebuild, replace a broken rubber grommet, wait three days to
call us and tell us it's fixed, collect our money and send us on our way.
You and I, we wouldn't know the difference.

First rule of automatic transmissions, we don't test suspected faults by bearing down on the throttle.
You can let OFF the throttle to see if it will shift, but do NOT push it.
If an automatic transmission exhibits signs that lead us to believe something could be faulty...
No matter how minor it may seem, I would strongly advise to drive it GENTLY until such time the fault can be addressed.

Second rule of automatic transmissions, we change the fluid and filter every ten thousand miles, religiously.
If the fluid and filter hasn't been changed since who knows when, that's the first step.

It needs to be done, I don't troubleshoot machines that are outside of their periodic scheduled maintenance.
That is the correct order of operation, first the periodic scheduled maintenance gets done, then we see if there exist other problems.

Failure to adhere to these rules is asking for a failure.

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