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When to say no. . .

Lemme first say i have worked on some krap systems, in particular an apartment complex that ran 1/2" pipe off hose bibs. I went to start a system up today, 4 zones, clock is in the crawl space. First zone doesn't look bad turf and sprays, next zone, converted from drip to three 3500 rotors shooting 30' spaced 15' apart on one side of a lawn that was 45' long. Last zone was drip with a 15' full in a bed. Backflow installed to the point where the box will hardly shut, Mainline buried 6" deep jumps out of the ground and into the crawl space. The HO has lived there for a month, I started to write an estimate, then stopped and told him I would replace a broken spray head and move another out from inside a bed. The house was abandoned for a year, yard overgrown, I suggested just starting over with a new system next year when they know what they want with their yard. Did a startup on a HO association where it all needed to be replaced and they just won't spring for it, heads to low, bad wiper seals, bad wiring, low pressure. Some jobs need to wear my shades and pretend like I didnt just see that. Sometimes its less frustration and cheaper to start over, when you would end up fixing, replacing everything.
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