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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
**edit was timed out **

$1800 just seems like a bit much for a niche mower when an electric start TimeMaster 30 can be had for $1099....?

Flat out my Quick dually 32, 36 and 44 will flat out smoke hands down the cut quality and are vastly faster. Someone mentioned their larger 32/36 was only marginally faster...? Even at reduced engine rpm my BOP duallys are faster and a true joy to use. It's a crying shame Gary is not able to crank out these mower right now.
I would not disagree with any of this. I just have a few customers that don't want the bigger WB on their yard, and some are just to wet and soft during the spring to get my 36 or 44 on them. So yes to me it is a niche mower.
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