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Originally Posted by greenskeeper44 View Post
we used it last year and it did wonderful on sedges and some broadleaves....did not do much to spurge....crabgrass it would turn it purple but would come bouncing my opinion the new q4 plus is a better product
Hmm, thanks for posting. So, here are the actives for Q4 Plus and the actives for Solitaire.

Q4 Plus Active Ingredient: Quinclorac 8.43% Sulfentrazone 0.69% 2,4-D, dimethylamine salt 11.81% Dicamba, dimethylamine salt 1.49%

Solitaire Active Ingredient: Quinclorac 56.25% Sulfentrazone 18.75%

Which of the chemicals really attacks the crabgrass? IF it's the Quinclorac then that doesn't make sense that the Q4 worked good on crabgrass and the Solitaire didn't considering there is about seven times more in the Solitaire.

See, I had the same issue you had with the crabgrass but I DID use the Q4....
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