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Originally Posted by Yatt View Post
I bought some when I couldn't get drive immediatly. Worked OK on crabgrass, good on sedges. Crazy expensive.
It is pretty pricey but it is a "3 in 1" type chemical. Meaning crabgrass/grassy weeds, sedges, and broadleaf weeds. If I recall, the mixture is around 1.5 ounces for every THREE gallons. It comes in a one pound tub so I'm also assuming there is 16 ounces of product. I priced it out at $110 from a supplier. So getting 32 gallons of mix for $110 and being able to target weeds, sedges and grassy weeds isn't too terribly bad.

The Q4 you get 42 gallons total mix out of a gallon of concentrate at 3 ounces per gallon and it is a little cheaper. I can't remember the price per gallon but I don't think is more than around $25-35 less than Solitaire. BUT, the 2 active ingredients in Solitaire versus the same 2 in the Q4; one is seven times more, the other about 18 times more. Now depending on what the other active ingredients in Q4 do that Solitaire doesn't have would really tell me which one is better.

Do the other active ingredients in Q4 that Solitaire does NOT have negate the fact of differences of 7 times and 18 times? I don't know, maybe someone can chime in that has a definitive answer.
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