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Agreed about having a rear bagger being VERY versatile.

Over the Winter of '08-'09 I took advantage of BOPs Christmas 30% off sale and got my (2nd) Q32 single hydro delivered to my door............for about $1800. Am pretty sure that price included the purchase of spare parts. Am recalling the mower may have been just a hair over ~$1600 if memory serves.
At ~340lbs running on dune buggy tires (16x6.5x8), well, it just hardly ever ruts.

I'm still mystified that BOP was not purchased by someone out there. I'll be running my (2) Q32s into the ground...and praying there's some kind of replacement out there when they do give up their ghost.

I am intrigued by these Toro/ExMark 30s. I'd have to see the QOC and clipping dispersal while side-discharging in lush Spring grass before I'd pull the trigger. Still thinking a slight bump up in power, or at least optional higher power would prove useful...especially for you mulchers out there.
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