Thread: GH 226v or 220?
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GH 226v or 220?

I'm considering a GH 226v with a 52 or 61 deck vs a 220 with a 48" deck that is a good price. I'm confused about engine manufactures and vertical and horizontal shafts and overall performance. Its not just a matter of deck size and HP, I'm learning.

The 226v has a Briggs Pro Turf while the 220 has a Kosher Command. The 220 seems to have a tougher frame. I'm going to use it for me home lot that is about 5 acres. I want something that's going to last a while. I interested in GH because the dealer is close to me and the financing options offered by GH are unbeatable right now.

I would love to hear opinions, please. The more research I do, the more confused and concerned I become.

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