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Originally Posted by biodale View Post
I have pretty much decided on a Gravely 148. The choice in engines is the Kawa 22 hp or the 23 hp Kohler EFI. The Kohler cost about $500 more. I've had good luck with both Kohler and Kawa v-twins. Never had a EFI before.
The EFI is supposed to save about 25% in fuel. That makes me interested in the Kohler.
Anybody have experience with the Kohler EFI's. Anybody here that could tell me any information?
I would appreciate it.

I have a Walker with a 26 EFI Kohler on it. It does use less fuel and EFI is great when its working right,but,I will have to think really hard between EFI and carb on the purchase of my next machine.

Next week will be a month that my dealer has had the machine . As of last week,Kohler cannot seem to figure it out even though they had the dealer change the injectors,fuel filter,fuel pump and God knows what else. Pretty pathetic as its not as if fuel injection is brand new to the lawn industry.
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