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Quinclorac (otherwise known as Drive) is the product that attacks the crabgrass.
The proper way to do this is to calculate the cost per thousand square feet. Remember it is rather low in cost to add your own Trimec to a quinclorac (Drive) product if you really think you need a grass plus broadleaf product.
For instance at max rate you need .478 ounces per 1000 sqft of Solitaire.
Your max mix rate for Q-4 is 3 oz per 1000 sqft.
Find your cost per ounce and then find your cost per thousand sqft, for each.

My own opinion is to have a separate hand sprayer for crabgrass and a separate back pack or hand sprayer for broadleaves.
Still waiting for someone to invent a two way sprayer for that critical season of crab plus summer weeds. Duct tape is allowed.
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