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TuffTurfLawnCare, I had seen where other people had posted using that method and some had said that it was ok to use but others had said that you can't account for large ditches and high hills, and other problems that don't show up on there... so that is why i hadn't decided to do that method. But wouldn't that have given me the square footage for the entire property? I obviously won't be mowing their home or driveway? But i guess that is when you just figure the lawn is no bigger than said sq ft and it won't actually take that long. better to over estimate than under huh?

Jim Marshall Thank you for that!!! I had just started looking into the legalities of employees, and wondered how you could budget for those things also in reading the books that i picked up it said that if i have employees that I can't be a sole proprietor? is this true?

205mx I have always been an over thinker, and always make things more complicated but in my mind I would rather go in knowing way more than what I need to than walking in looking like an idiot because I have no clue what I am doing.

Thanks again everyone!
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